There are two main ways to reach the Alén  or Paradise, Otherworld, after death in the panceltic solar religiosity:
THE UNIVERSAL ONE,  following the path of Dagda Oll Atair the international Sun God of the Celts,  followed later by the Mediterraneans through the Heraclean Route and then christianizated in the Universal St. James Way or Camino de Santiago. In the capes, promontories and beaches (named during the Middle Ages Arenas Paradisi or Sands of the Paradise) of the Western coast of GALicia (Land of GAELs) we found the really Shuttles of Souls to the Paradise. In Vigo is settled the most important celtic sanctuary of the Celtia devoted to the Paradise Guest or Berobreo, the Lord of the High Fortress, the Cernunus of the Gundestrup Calder or Don.

But today we visit the Galician inland countryside looking for an old sacred engraved stone following an old pilgrimage way to the Otherworld.

THE MORIA-GATE OF GUITIRIZ. Vertical Entrance to the Alén or Mother Earth like Oweynagat in Ireland or Portalén (Galicia), situated very close a small river related with the Otherworld. Many legends indeed recount that the Otherworld could be reached through water. The sea, a lake, a spring or a river was seen as a threshold or gateway to the divine world, water delimiting the boundary between the natural and the supernatural world.

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